Shingle Roofing: Frequently Asked Question


There are several types of shingles, made from wood, slate, and asphalt. The most popular and commonly used are asphalt shingles. These are readily available, affordable, and in many different colors and styles.
There are several factors that contribute to the cost of roofing. Such as the size of the roof, how easy the roofing is to install, the cost of the roofing materials, and the type of materials used.
Shingles can take from 4 to 8 weeks after installation to properly bond. Other factors are also involved, such as the type of shingle, the temperature, and the sealant used.

The optimum temperature for installing asphalt shingles is between 40 and 85 degrees F (4-26° C). In lower temperatures than these, the shingles can become brittle and break.

Shingle manufacturers recommend between 4 and 6 nails per shingle. With 6 nails in shingles that are being installed in high wind areas, such as Florida and Oklahoma.
Installing roofing flashing is a difficult and intricate process that should only be carried out by trained professionals. Inexpert installation can lead to complications and problems with your roof. To ensure your roof flashing is expertly installed, call a specialist company like TM&S.