Gutter Installation Process: How To Properly Install A New Gutter System

close up to newly installed gutter and downspout by professional gutter installation service

Gutters are not the first thing most people think about, but they are an important component of a home’s exterior. They prevent rainwater from damaging the foundation of your house and help ensure that your roof stays in good condition.

Gutters have a straightforward job: to keep rain from pouring into your home. They’re easy to overlook, but when they work the way they should, you’ll know it. The best gutters are beautifully crafted, so choosing the right ones for your home is important. To ensure you get the gutters you need and care for them properly, there are many factors to consider before, during, and after gutter installation.

Inside Look At Gutter Installation Process

Step 1 – Review The Project

Before you even begin to plan the gutter installation, we suggest that you inspect your home and make detailed sketches of important features. A professional company will take a few steps to create an outline of your new gutter system.

Step 2 – Design Your Gutter System

Experts will come to your home to tailor-make your new gutters to the exact dimensions of your home. This way, they can create a perfect fit for your home’s needs. K-Style gutters are preferred because they hold more water than rounded ones and are less likely to bend.

Step 3 – Attach The Rain Gutters

When professionals are working on your gutters, they’ll come prepared with the right equipment for the job. They’ll attach your gutters to your fascia boards with hangers that can withstand any weather, and they’ll ensure that you have a proper slope so that your gutters will work well all year long.

Step 4 – Install Outlets And Downspouts

After you install your new gutters, the attachment of downspout outlets to the gutters should be performed. These will be connected to the downspouts. Each bracket that holds the downspouts is secured using high-quality screws, so they should stay in place for many years.

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