Inspect Your Roof Regularly to Prevent Future Leaks.

If you have a shingle roof, every shingle is important to the integrity of your roof. Over time, shingles can fall off, or be knocked off during harsh weather conditions, such as: heavy rain and wind, or hail-stones. Shingles can also become knocked off the roof by falling trees and debris within the wind. If your roof wasn’t installed professionally, this could also cause shingles to come loose and fall off. The important question is how many missing shingles will affect the integrity of the roof or cause a roof leak. Unfortunately, there is not an exact answer. The answer depends upon how many shingles are absent and from which specific part of the roof.

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When a shingle is lost from a roof, the likelihood that the loss will result in a leak depends on whether the missing shingle was covering a seam, between 2 other shingles. When a shingle roof is installed the shingles are laid in a specific staggered pattern. The shingles above are arranged so that they cover the seams of the shingles below. If your roof has a seam exposed to the elements, then this is a weak spot that can lead to a leak.

As well as seams there are potential places on the roof that may be susceptible to leakage. This includes the valleys, these are the points where two low parts meet. If a shingle is lost from this point then debris and water can accumulate in the place of the missing shingle and lead to a leak.  

Will your roof leak with just one missing shingle? 

Just because one or two shingles is missing doesn’t automatically mean your roof will spring a leak. However, over time the surrounding shingles are more exposed to the weather and water and can deteriorate. The older your roof is, the more chance that this will happen. and the higher probability of progressive leak damage. 

If you get a leaky roof it is crucial that you get it repaired straight away. Otherwise, it can result in water damage within your attic, crawlspace, roof insulation and ceilings. In the worst case scenario, water damage may have occurred with you unaware and now needs extensive repairs. Therefore to minimize any chance of leaks and water damage, replace missing shingles, as soon as you notice their absence.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Roofer.

If you are in need of shingle roof repair or shingle replacement, professional roofers are the people to contact. A roofer is trained and equipped to perform shingle repairs as well as larger jobs like new roof installations. A professional roofer will be able to replace missing shingles with new ones that match the color and texture. They can also inspect your roof whilst fixing it and can fix any minor damage to prevent future damage.

Regular Roof Inspections are Important to Prevent Leaks 

Regular inspections of your roof are essential to prevent damages and leakages from developing. You can check for missing shingles yourself by checking the ground around your home and looking for empty spots on your roof. It is still important to have a professional check out your roof. They can spot things that could turn into big problems and save you money on future expensive repairs. Taking proactive care of your roof is the best way to prevent future problems and will help your roof have a longer life.

If you know or suspect you have any missing shingles, contact TM&S, our professional roofers can repair or replace your shingles efficiently and expertly. Whatever your roofing needs, call on us. We have the skills and the expertise to solve any and all of your roofing problems.

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