Can I Get My Roof Repaired During Winter?

the way gutters look like with ice dams during winter

The short answer to the question is yes, a roof can be repaired during the winter months. Although it is preferable to get your roof repaired in warmer temperatures and less harsh weather. Professional roofers do work through the winter. It is understandable to have some concerns, however, regarding whether the quality of service will be as high, or whether it is safe for roofers to be on your roof.

It is a common problem that people find that their roof needs repairs during the winter. The winter season can be incredibly hard on your roof and cause major damage. Gaps and holes that allow water in when it rains. If this is the case, it is critical that you get the leaks fixed before serious water damage from leaking roof results. Fixing roof leaks in winter can be done by experienced and professional roofers, but it is preferable to perform the repairs during autumn and before the arrival of winter storms.

  1. What are the advantages of having winter roof repair? Check it out.
  2. What can go wrong with roof repair during the winter? Take a look.

Can My Roof Be Replaced In The Winter?

Roof work is not just repairs but also complete roof replacements, a full roof replacement can be more difficult to do during the winter months, but it can be done. Pretty much any roof repair that can be done during the summer can also be performed in the winter, admittedly it might take longer. Professional roofers are experienced at repairing and replacing roofs in all weather. Roofers working in the winter know how to be careful and minimize risk. In many cases of roof damage, it is essential to get the roof repaired as fast as possible. If shingles are left off the roof until better weather. you will find that what was a minor repair has now transformed into an expensive, major one.

Are There Any Advantages Of Having Winter Roofing Repair?

There are advantages to be had if you have winter roofing repair.

  1. More roofers are available for work

The majority of roofing work happens earlier in the year, during spring and summer. As the year passes the roofers have fewer jobs and some have off-season prices for the winter.

  1. Roof repair is cheaper

As the roofers have less work, it can be cheaper to get your roof fixed during the winter months.

  1.  Repairing the roof will maintain your home’s energy efficiency.

If your roof is damaged, if your shingles are cracked, curled or missing, the heat from inside will escape and your heating bills will increase.

  1. Your roof will be in good shape.

As spring approaches and the heavy rains start, your roof will be in good shape to handle the bad weather.

What Are The Disadvantages To Roof Repair During The Winter?

  1. Roof repair takes more time.

While it’s usually cheaper to get your roof fixed in the winter, it might also take longer. Shingles require a specific temperature range to seal properly and it can often be too cold for the shingles to be sealed. It can often take much longer for those asphalt shingles to seal properly, making the roof repair a bit more difficult and time-consuming. 

  1. Difficult to schedule the repair.

Roofers in general are usually more available during the winter, but are you? Winter is a busy time with lots to do. If you want to be there while the roofers are working, it might take a while to find some compatible dates, 

  1. More dangerous for the roofers

Obviously, winter roof repair is more dangerous than that done in the spring and summer. There’s often a lot of snow and ice, and your roofer will have to take extra care to make sure they’re keeping themselves safe up on the roof. Typically, this means waiting for a few warmer days after the ice has had a chance to melt a bit. Experienced roofers will know to take care of themselves and will know how to work to bring minimum risk to themselves. 

Like any type of repair job, there are both pros and cons to winter roof repair. But if you’ve been pushing off getting your roof fixed up, it’s better to do it now than wait until a major problem shows up. The majority of people get their roof repairs carried out during the summer when there are optimum weather conditions. If however, you are not sure if you need roof repairs, a professional will let you know if there is any damage and you will be able to repair it before it progresses to a major problem and before the bad weather starts.

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